Email Campaigns You Should Use

What types of emails do you use in your email marketing campaigns?

If you are using email at all, chances are you are already using the popular newsletter format, which is commonly sent out on a monthly or weeks bases. The problem is many of neglect using other type of email campaigns, and that’s a

big mistake! You see there are actually 4 other types of email that you can use to connect with your subscribers.

#1 Informational Emails: Informational emails require no action from the subscriber, are quite short generally. They are used basically to convey a message or provide information. A few examples are birthday greetings, end of course

reminders, and request to join a webinar.

#2 Educational Emails: These emails are very popular because they help to solve a client’s problem or answer an important question. Educational emails are usually sent any time you have new content to provide that is of important to

your subscribers. And if you group your subscribers it becomes even easier because you can send that content to the group instead of one email to each individual.

#3 Lead Gathering Emails: This type of email is used the least and is often used incorrectly. Moving a lead through the entire sales cycle takes a lot of time and effort. However, using lead gathering emails properly, enables you to

speed up the process and thereby reducing your time. You can simply set up a several campaigns with 5 or 6 emails in each and schedule them to execute periodically. The frequency and interval depend on the product or service you

provide. These are normally short messages, packed with rich content information and worded to get a response to your call to action.

#4 Promotional Emails: This type of email is very trick if done improperly. Sending these too often without providing in between will annoy your recipient, who will either trash your message or request to be unsubscribed.

Unless you have a special even, a special deal, or a new product or service, it’s good practice not use this more than a couple times a month without sending valuable informational or educational content in between.

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