Hell Week Without the Hazing

My week actually started Last Saturday morning with excruciating pain the when from my fingertips all the way up my arm to my shoulder blade. There was an immediate flash back to 2001, because similar symptoms resulted it a heart attack and triple
bypass surgery. So, I calmly ask my wife to take me to the emergency room.
Well upon arrival they immediately did an EKG, took a chest x-ray, and took blood for lab work. If you’ve ever spent time in an emergency room, you know that I was in there for the entire day. And to top it off, and I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but they found nothing wrong. All of the test were positive and they sent me home with something for pain and a referral for follow-up on my hand.

I spent Sunday relaxing and taking something for pain as needed. On Monday the pain had disappeared from my arm, but there was still tingling and numbness in my fingertips. A neurological surgeon did some test and determined that the tingling was caused by Carpal Tunnel and explained that I would have to have surgery or live with it for the rest of my life. OK!

On Tuesday things seemed to be gong jus fine until about 2:30 in the afternoon when I suddenly stated having chest pains and shortness of breath. So, of we go to the emergency room again, which involved 2 EKG’s because they didn’t like the results of the first one, Another, chest x-ray, and blood work. Only this time the doctor said the stint that was put in your heart is blocked and we’re going to have to emit you to the hospital.

After poking and prodding, like they do during the night I finally got some sleep. The next day I had breakfast, took my meds and had my vital checked several times, before finally asking I might me able to go home. And that question, of course, was met with when the doctor gets here. Which in hospital terms means, at the very least, the goes the rest of your day. When the doctor arrived, that afternoon, he explained that the blockage in my heart was quite extensive, but he wanted to try and treat it with meds first, instead of surgery. He prescribed new meds and referred to my cardiologist.

I had already seen the cardiologist the week before. In fact, he had me ware a monitor for a week, which was due to be turned in today after I completed a stress test at the hospital. So, I turned in the monitor and I am waiting on the results.

It is now Thursday and you guessed it, back to the emergency room again. Only this time it’s for pain in my right hip and lower back. The doc. Thinks it is inflammation related to the spinal stenosis surgeries I’ve had in the past. Ibuprofen, Tylenol and Ice or heat packs, which ever seems to give relief. Friday and today were pretty laid-back days, taking meds and relaxing until my next appointment next week.

Have a nice weekend!

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