Marketing Training? Get a Mentor!


Lots of marketers are still saddled with antiquated Marketing training and ideas. The methods used in the 60’s and 70’s aren’t necessarily relevant today. Remember, we are in the new millennium where people.

and the training has grown pass those times. I think you will find that most, if not all, successful marketers today have undergone the proper marketing training that will make them more profitable than those who try to do it all by themselves.

What is the one secret they I have learned in Marketing training? The secret is choosing an individual with the experience who will teach, guide and motivate you towards success.

And yes, there are other factors to consider such as finance, the time it will take, and will you finish with a consumable product. But still, if you proceed without this training and motivated especially during those early months,

you are more than likely doomed to fail. But, just take a minute to think about it. Every professional businessperson or athlete has a coach or (mentor) to aid in the training. Why should it be different in marketing?

In marketing, you can start some businesses for less than $500 and literally choose the mentor or leader who will be training you. Of course, this will involve doing some research on this individual to make sure he meets your goal. And if he does, it will be a time and money well spent.

Below are a few pointers that will help you find the best “mentor” to assist you with your training.

    • Ensure that he or she has a proven track record. Check out the results this person has produced with other clients

    • Select someone who has been training in marketing for many years. You want a mentor who uses methods that are rock solid and easy to follow like the North Star; You’ll find that those who are successful marketers are people who stay for the long haul; all too many give up too quickly and never reap the harvest.


    •  Find someone who knows how to do network marketing. Network marketing is just that: marketing through networking. Therefore, an essential part of your business is the effective marketing. If you don’t know what you are doing marketing can eat up a small budget very quickly.Therefore, you must learn from your mentor what works and what doesn’t work in order to use your advertising dollars more effectively. After all, the name of the game is maximum the returns on your investment. Using leverage is the main idea behind network marketing. Translated it means small effort and great gain. Find someone who knows the ropes when it comes to using email, article, video and affiliate marketing etc…

    • You need a mentor who continuously studies the industry and keeps you abreast of changes as they take effect. An individual who claims to be an expertise in marketing, stays on top of what’s happening and keep his marketing training in line with the industry. Choose wisely. The right mentor and opportunity and could be the vehicle to your success, because an effective marketing mentor is like fuel to your fire.

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