Optimizing Your Mobile Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is talked about a lot but you seldom hear any mention of mobile email marketing. Now this strikes me as very strange, because approximately 50 percent of all marketing emails are sent to mobile devices. Since the

majority of your email will be seen by your customers on their smartphones, you’d be wise to start making the necessary changes now.

For instance, are your emails properly formatted for mobile devices and optimized to be opened and read. Currently mobile open rates are about 300 percent. So, now would be a good time to start optimization your emails and get ahead of the competition.

seriously, let’s start by looking at four promising tools you can use to properly format your mobile email marketing campaigns.

#1 One winning app that’s easy to use the JPEG Mini. As you’ve probably noticed download speeds are extremely slow on mobile devices, which is why it is so important keep the size of your files down. Hensel the reason I mentioned JPEG

Mini it is one program that can dramatically reduce the size of your images before you add them to your email. You can reduce the size to about 80 percent, with just a few clicks.

#2 If you are anything like me you have a few email templates that you use continuously. Well Litmus is a tool that you can use from time to time to audit your templates. It provides a preview of how your template will look to

your various clients. So, if it falls within your budget, it’s an excellent tool to use before you launch any new campaign.

#3 Now, for your mobile devices, you should give Theme Forest Testing a try; it will show you how well your templates look on mobile devices. Usually, things are too wide or the font is too tiny. A picture that will surely annoy your

subscribers, not to mention have a negative impact on your email marketing campaign. Instead, you can simply avoid these issues by using email templates designed for mobiles devices. And Theme Forest is one programs that can help’

These templates can be customized to give you exactly what you want.

#4 Finally, you can easily manage your entire email marketing campaign using Aweber. This program even provides a video that shows you how to create responsible emails. So, take advantage of these tools and make the most of your mobile email marketing campaigns.

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