I left school at age 15, after completing the 9th grade. I just jumped around for the next 2 years working odd jobs with no specific skills or goal in mind. He Finally landed a Job at Baltimore Tomato Company, making a dollar an hour. I worked there for about a year and a half before I’d had enough signed up to join the Army.

I took Basic training at Fort Gordon, GA and Advanced Infantry
Training at Fort Polk, LA. An let me tell you those were some pf the
toughest time of my life. It’s 1962, I had never been down south before, so imagine my surprise when I had to eat around back at restaurants, separated from the whites. Heck, I even had police run me out of Leesville, VA for being on the street after dark; really fun times.

Anyway, after (AIT) Advanced Infantry Training I took a leave, went home to Baltimore, MD and married my childhood sweetheart, before leaving for assignment to Korea, a 13-month tour. After Korea I was able to re-enlist for the TV Equipment Course at Fort Monmouth, NJ because I had obtained my GED. I completed the 26-week course with my first assignment to Fort Greely, AK., Armed Forces Radio and Television (AFRTS), And, Since I found that folks weren’t living in igloos, I decided to make it my home.
But duty calls so I got transferred to Fort Richie, MD for 3 years, then I did a 5 years assignment in the TV Division at Defense Systems Management School, Fort Belvoir, VA. But, living on the Base became a bit of a hassle. So, I bought an acre of land and had a new house built, which we never got to live in, because, the army had a shortage of (NCO’s) Non-commissioned officers in the combat arms and involuntarily re-classified me in Field Artillery and assigned me to Fort Ord, CA. I had 4 weeks of NCO Retraining at the NCO academy and the they Converted me from s (SP6) Specialist 6 to a staff sergeant and made me a section chief on a 105m Howitzer, a weapon I was totally unfamiliar with: Oh happy days!

I spent 2 years at Fort Ord before volunteering for Recruiting Duty in Rome, NY. After Rome, I Returned to Alaska, in the 1/37 Field Artillery at Fort Richardson. I completed another four years and retired at rank
of First Sergeant.

I Worked in Child Support Enforcement, as an Correctional Officer for twelve and a half years, Counselor at Job Corps for 6 years, before I met my current wife and moved to Fairbanks. My first wife, who I briefly mentioned earlier, and I, came to a parting of the ways, after 43 years of marriage. But that a whole nother stury.

There is much more to my life’s story but I’m sure you must be truly bored by now, so moving forward.

My first computer was an old IBM 8088 that used those big floppy disks. I upgraded several times and continued to learn new skills and to have fun when in 2009 I became interested in the internet and started looking at the internet as a possible source of income. I tried many different things. i.e. equipment and programs. Spent, I quess hunfreds, if not thousands of dollars jumping from one program to another. Made a little money here and there, but never really focused on one thing until hooking up with John Thornhil in his Partnership to Success Program. The guy is the bomb and he is making a truly unbelievable offer that you should heck out here.