Tracking Traffic

Next to the list, traffic is the most important asset that a website owner has to worry about. But what is traffic and why all the fuss? Simply put, traffic is the number of visitors to your site, who hopefully find it interesting enough to click on it. When this happens, if he or she is using analytics, their presence is recorded and so are their clicks on any links. This information will give the owner a pretty god idea of how many people visited the site, and where they are from. In this sense, you could say that traffic is a measure of a website’s success.

Actually, tracking traffic is accomplished with the help of a number of tools some of which are free, however the results gathered may require some interpretation. Or, there are always a lot of outfits, that offer this kind of service for a fee.

Listed below are some of the many traffic methods:
Media Advertising which includes
• Facebook,
• YouTube,
Twitter, and
• LinkedIn.

And there are many many more, too may in fact to covert here. However, considering all the competition out there getting traffic to your site may prove to be easier said than done. Tracking traffic is very time-consuming and takes a lot of effort. Believe me; I struggled for the longest time until my friend John Thornhill showed me the secret.

Look, I realize this is the condensed version, but I am trying to bypass al the fluff and quickly guide you to online income quickly. So, why go through all the hassle when the perfect solution is right here.

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